Studying Abroad..

أعيش في بريطانيا حالياً في عطلتي الصيفية لممارسة اللغة والهوايات ولأشياء شتى! ألتحقت بمعهد لغة انجليزية فترة صباحية لمدة شهر ومن ضمن الواجبات كان كتابة مقال باللغة الانجليزية عن مواضيع عدة أخترت منها هذا الموضوع..كتبت هذا المقال وعرضته على المعلمة وسأعرضه لكم هنا لعله يعجبكم وتستفيدون منه.

Going to study abroad

an exciting opportunity or a scary one?

It has been said in the past, if you want to gain knowledge, live abroad!                       Now-days many people are studying abroad in many different countries, to gaining knowledge and different experiences.Because of there are some difficulties in entering some specialists in the mother country, students looking to study abroad. In this article we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

The main advantage of studying abroad is exploring the world.In addition, learning language and cultures which it opens your mind widely.For example, If you live in Japan you will learn how to respect time.If you live in England you learn the history of Europe. If you live in Italy or Spain you will taste the best food in Europe.Another advantage of living abroad is learning English language so you can speak with half of the world populations. Furthermore, living abroad gives you self-confident and chances to do your hobbies and to improve your money management skills.

On the other hand, The main disadvantage is homesickness. For example you can not visit your family around 12-24 months so it’s difficult for some people. In addition some times you live alone and you don’t have any friends so it’s bad feeling.

In conclusion, living abroad has many different views, you have to be ready to pass all difficulties and focus on pros and forgot the cons for better experience. I recommend you don’t miss this experience you will learn more that you expect to learn!

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